Medivon Cosy air pro massage mat

£ 199.99

  • Air pressure technology, air massage
  • Spot Shiatsu technology – massage of a chosen place
  • Shiatsu massage
  • 2D/3D massage
  • Vibrating and rolling massage
  • Neck massage
  • Heated
  • 3 speed steps
  • Breathable, exclusive material
  • Full massaging surface
  • Timer 15 min

Included: power supply, operating instructions

Model: Cosy air pro

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The most modern and advanced massage mat

The Medivon Cosy air pro massage mat uses top quality massage heads with heating function to relax the muscles of the whole body even better. 4 massage zones and 5 massage modes precisely massage any section of your back. The whole device is finished in a soft material that is pleasant to the touch. The 2D/3D Shiatsu Massage: the movement of the massage device is in two or three planes; up and down and to the right and left. The 3D option additionally includes the exact area of the spine. The Spot Shiatsu technology allows you to apply the massage to a specific area of your choice – you can apply a spot massage if you feel that the area requires more work. You can use the remote control to select the location that needs to be massaged.

Highest level of integration of modern massage techniques 

Free choice of massaged area – the device allows to massage up to 6 areas: neck, nape, back, waist, thighs and buttocks. Even a short session with the Cosy air pro will allow you to feel the salutary effects of the Shiatsu massage. This is one of the most effective forms of deep compression massage, which will immediately stimulate your vital forces and give you energy to act. You can fully adjust the intensity of the massage. The back and neck massage range can be selected and controlled independently of the other areas. The mat has a vibrating massage in the seat.
Salutary action

Air massage

Special 4-point air cushions that massage the waist and hip area. This function stabilises the body and back in the right position to make the massage even more effective. At the same time, it ensures that the massage follows the optimal line from an anatomical point of view, thus maintaining the symmetry of movement. This gives us the effect of correcting posture defects, especially lateral curvature. Additionally, it guarantees better blood flow and stabilizes the body.
Flexible construction

Maintained hygiene

The mat is made of an exclusive material and additionally there is a possibility to unfasten the fabric from the element responsible for neck massage and wash it in the washing machine.
Muscle regeneration

Regain mobility

The warm-up function in the Cozy air pro allows for faster recovery after exercise and will make light inflammation disappear in the blink of an eye. By using it, you will systematically notice an improvement in your mobility. The shiatsu massage balls are designed in such a way to simulate the movement of the masseur’s hands with the use of rotary motion. This massage technique touches the entire surface of muscles and reaches their deepest layers. In addition, the heated Shiatsu balls emit infrared radiation, which penetrates the skin layers and reaches the deep muscle striations and fascias directly. That’s what gives the effect of incredible relaxation and muscle relaxation.
Work comfort

Irreplaceable in any office

Are you also bothered by long hours spent motionless in front of the computer screen? The handy design and easy operation will allow you to enjoy the time spent at the desk giving relief to your tired back.

Remote control

The device has a built-in remote control. Thanks to it, you can adjust the massage mode as you like with one finger. Do you want more massage? Using the Timer function, you will extend the time of your relaxation as much as you need it.
Relief for the muscles

Only 15 minutes a day

Just 15 minutes of massage a day is enough to get rid of migraine and improve blood supply to skin cells. The full massage surface will deeply relax your whole body.
Mental balm

Say stop the stress

Everyone knows that stress negatively affects every aspect of our lives. With systematic use of Cozy air pro you will eliminate it forever from your life. The soft material combined with the soothing heat flowing from the heads will relax your body, bringing it into a state of light bliss.
Home therapist

Relief for common ailments

Medivon products have an excellent reputation for the quickly pain and ailments reduction in places such as the neck, back and lumbar region. You will feel like after visiting a professional physiotherapist.
Weight 7600 g
Dimensions 81 × 56.8 cm

max. 48V

Countdown timer

15 minutes

Input voltage

AC 100–240V ~ 50/60 Hz

Output voltage

12VDC 4.0A


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