Medivon Collar simple massage collar

£ 39.99

  • It relaxes and relaxes
  • reduces muscle tension, can be used on various parts of the body
  • 4 massage heads
  • warm-up function
  • force-control technology
  • shiatsu massage, pleasant to the touch material
Model: Collar simple

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Traditional massage

Shiatsu technology

Even a short session with Collar simple will let you feel the beneficial effects of Shiatsu massage. This is one of the most effective forms of deep pressure massage which will immediately stimulate your vitality and give you energy to act.
Force Control

Adjustable pressure force

The design allows self-regulation and setting the massage pressure as needed, and the Force Control technology automatically turns off the device in the event of too much pressure and the risk of injury. Two adjustable massage intensities and the ability to change the direction of rotation of the massage heads increase the possibilities of personalizing the massage to your liking.
Perfect match

New technology

Collar Simple for massage uses the highest quality massage heads with a heating function to even better relax the muscles of the whole body. Two motors controlling 8 massage heads precisely massage any part of your body. The whole is finished in a soft material that is pleasant to the touch.
Muscle regeneration

Regain mobility

The warm-up function in Collar simple allows for faster regeneration after physical exertion and will make light inflammations disappear in the blink of an eye. By using it, you will systematically notice an improvement in your mobility.
Takeaway relaxation

High-capacity battery

The wireless design of the device allows you to use it without access to power. In a few moments, fully charge the massager battery and take it with you on a trip or simply on your favorite couch in the living room.
Relief for the muscles

Only 15 minutes a day

This is enough to appreciate this wonderful form of therapy for the whole body, which relieves tension and pain from tense muscles. There is no better way to relax after a hard day at work than to stimulate blood circulation and gently massage.
Mental balm

Say stop to stress

Everyone knows that stress negatively affects every aspect of our lives. With systematic use of Collar simple you will eliminate it from your life forever. The soft material combined with the soothing heat flowing from the heads will relax your body, bringing it into a state of light bliss.
Home therapist

Relief for common ailments

Medivon products have an excellent reputation for quickly reducing pain and ailments in places such as the neck, back and lumbar region. You will feel like after visiting a professional physiotherapist.
Weight 1200 g
Dimensions 19.81 × 31 cm

max. 18 V

Countdown timer

15 minutes

Input voltage

AC 100–240V ~ 50/60 Hz

Output voltage

12VDC 1500mA


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