Muscle regeneration after training

Many people want to keep their body looking good and vigorous, although we often forget about regeneration. Muscle regeneration after training is a very important element that guarantees quick results, but also the rebuilding of energy resources. So what should proper regeneration look like and why does it have to be part of our sports lifestyle?  

Muscle regeneration after training

Most of us exercise, and very often when we lose ourselves in our training, we forget about recovery. During each physical exertion, our body is subject to specific types of fatigue:
  • perimeter,
  • central,
  • muscle damage.
Each of them affects our body in a way that reduces the amount of our strength. When during training, for example, damage to our muscles, which may be smaller or larger, then the regeneration process should be implemented. It is an inseparable element of training, so often overlooked and underestimated. Of course, it should be remembered that depending on the intensity and type of our fatigue, our body needs different regeneration.  

Ways to regenerate muscles

A good training plan also includes time to rest. Everyone who trains hard knows that the increase in muscle mass takes place when our body is regenerated. Knowing the essence of this element, it is worth knowing how to regenerate your muscles like a real professional. Such action will bring our body only benefits! Here are some ways to get some quality rest after an exhausting workout.  

Adequate amount of sleep

Sleep is an important aspect of our life because its lack can have a very strong impact on our body and health. Depending on genetic conditions and our age, sleep, aimed at maximum regeneration, should last from 7 to 9 hours. Maintaining sleep hygiene can be very difficult in these times when we are bombarded with a lot of information from phones on all sides, computers, etc. However, we must remember that it is an indispensable element of rest, which cannot be made up by a longer sleep, e.g. at the weekend.  

Don’t overexert your body

Measure your intentions! Adapt your training to your abilities. Very often we require quick results, mistakenly thinking that if we increase the intensity of training and their severity, the goal will be achieved faster. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. You should definitely focus on lighter workouts and free time from the gym.  

Don’t forget to stretch

Do you think that this is an unnecessary element of training that should be skipped and thus faster to shower and go home for a meal? The mistake turns out to be that just 15-20 minutes of calming exercises increases our body’s ability to regenerate muscles. In addition, we prepare the body faster for the next training.  

Massage is a cure for all evil

If you have caused your muscles pain, swelling, inflammation or you just want to regenerate them faster, choose a massage. This form of relaxation can work wonders and if you do not have time or money for regular visits to a professional, we have a solution for you ! The massage collars and massage guns in our offer will make the tension of your muscles disappear. The built-in vibration massage and shiatsu function can stimulate sick, tired and tense muscles, which results in their relaxation. Thanks to its shape and lightness, you can regenerate your muscles during everyday activities such as watching a series. Take care of your health! Remember that the post-workout time is as important as the time you do it.

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