Correct posture in office work

Back pain is a real epidemic of our time

Most of us spend 8 hours in a sitting position and drive a car to work. We come home tired and spend the rest of the day in front of the TV or computer. This lifestyle is deadly for our spine. How to fix it?

The harm of a sedentary lifestyle

While much is said about the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, it is often hard to avoid. What are its effects? The most common of these is back pain. The spine is almost twice as heavily loaded when sitting as when standing. Lack of exercise also weakens the muscles that should keep the spine in the correct position. Deformities such as scoliosis or round back, and diseases such as osteoporosis and arthrosis often occur in a sedentary lifestyle. It also causes compression of the nerve roots and causes sciatica. It can also cause ailments such as headaches, memory impairment, and may increase the risk of a heart attack.

How to Avoid Pain?

Scientists recommend 2 hours of walking for an 8-hour working day – however, in most companies this solution is not possible. However, we can try other ways to relieve our spine. First of all, it is worth developing a habit of maintaining the correct posture. Our armchair should be so high that your feet rest freely on the floor and your knees are bent at an angle of 45 degrees. The backrest of the chair should be bent to support the lumbar spine . The desk should be at elbows. Place the monitor in front of your eyes, with the top edge a few centimeters below the line of sight. About every hour, get up and take a walk, and you can also do simple exercises such as stretches and twists. We should also remember about doing sports in our free time – however, it should not be a heavy burden on the spine, so it is best to choose sports such as swimming, cycling or walking.


Equipment to help with back pain

In addition to exercise, also office furniture and equipment can minimize back pain and force the correct posture. It is worth investing in an appropriate, back-adjusted chair with adjustable height and backrest. It is also worth buying a sensory pillow . It will relieve the lumbar region. An interesting solution is to replace the chair with a large inflatable ball – balancing on it strengthens the back muscles and deep abdominal muscles. If we suffer from persistent back pain, instead of taking pills it is worth investing in massage mat.

Medivon offers over a dozen different rehabilitation mats, among which everyone can find one suited to their needs. Many of them are small in size and weight, so we can use them everywhere – in the car, office or on vacation. By vibrating the mats massage the back muscles, which causes them to relax and relieve pain. In addition, each mat has a heating function, which further increases the effectiveness of the massage. Medivon massage collars are also a good solution, they help with pain and tension of the neck muscles. They will be perfect not only at work, but also during a long journey – they will allow you to sleep comfortably without straining your muscles.

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